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Educational Segment for KAZU Radio

To Air 19. March 2005

New Development on the Former Fort Ord: The Highway 1 Corridor

I'm Carrie Mann.

Two weeks ago we talked about the upcoming FORA Board meeting and the issue of signs along Highway 1 going through the former Fort. The Board meeting took place Friday, March 11th.

A majority of the FORA board voted to adopt the Highway 1 design guidelines. These Guidelines lay out what landscaping, setbacks and signs will look like along Route 1. The issue of signs was most contentious. The adopted Guidelines will restrict unsightly advertising. This vote was the culmination of a three year process, lead by FORA, to put down guidelines on which the region's cities, and the County could agree.

Also contentious was the issue of a California Scenic Highway designation, the implications of which are not clear but would certainly further protect the vistas. An amendment was added to the Guidelines and the cities will explore the possibility.

General guidelines for Fort Ord re-use are laid out in the Base Reuse Plan. The Plan is an attempt to balance the needed economic re-development for the region, with preservation of the ecology and beauty of the area. Seaside and Marina bore the brunt of economic loss when Fort Ord closed in 1994. They are trying to recover and grow through Fort Ord redevelopment. Commercial development along Highway 1 could bring badly needed revenue to the cities. On the other hand, most local cities agree, that preserving the coastal beauty is important. In the case of Highway 1, decision makers came to a compromise to preserve this delicate balance.

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For KAZU, I'm Carrie Mann.




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