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Educational Segment for KAZU Radio

Aired 26. March 2005

New Development on the Former Fort Ord: Upcoming Projects

I'm Carrie Mann.

There are many projects well underway on the former Fort Ord. The City of Marina will build a "University Village" development adjacent to the existing California State University Monterey Bay campus. There already exists a converted airport used by the City of Marina. Adjacent to that is the University of California's Monterey Bay Education, Science and Technology facility or MBEST Center. UC will also manage some land adjacent to the airport to be part of the green corridor, and will develop another plot as their own 'urban village' development.

Seaside will have a golf resort with a hotel and housing, and a commercial retail development at the former "Main Entrance" of the Fort. And the County of Monterey will develop the East Garrison. In addition, the County will build a veteran's cemetery, and an Olympic-caliber equestrian center.

The Bureau of Land Management in addition, will manage about 13,000 acres of land on the south side of Fort Ord that will remain recreational open space.

There are several independent projects as well. There are already facilities managed by Goodwill, a Veteran's Transition Center, and various transitional housing projects. The existing FBI Training Facility will be taken over by Monterey Peninsula College to become an Emergency Response Training Center. And the Chartwell School (now in Seaside) will be building their new green campus soon at the site of the old Officer's Club.

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For KAZU, I'm Carrie Mann.




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