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Educational Segment for KAZU Radio

Aired 21. May 2005

New Development on the Former Fort Ord: The BRAC Closure List

I'm Carrie Mann. Last Friday the 13th, the Department of Defense released the list of US bases they recommend for closure or realignment. This is part of the BRAC process. BRAC stands for Base Realignment and Closure. It is the Department of Defense's process for closing or moving military bases.

What happens now is that an independent commission of nine- the BRAC Commission - will review the list, which recommends closing about 10% of major US facilities. There is a possibility that the commission will take some bases off the list, and add others. The final decision will come in the fall.

The criteria for putting a base on the list includes:
- Its value to the military;
- The economic impact of closure on nearby communities;
- And the environmental impact and costs of cleanup.

California was not as hard hit in this recommended list. That may be because it was hit hard with closures in the past and there just aren't as many major bases left.

Our area escaped the list, to the relief of many. There was some speculation as to whether the Defense Language Institute or the Naval Post Graduate School would be recommended for closure. Our local policy makers have been working hard for some time to show the value of these two facilities to the military. Perhaps their hard work has paid off.

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For KAZU, I'm Carrie Mann.






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