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Educational Segment for KAZU Radio

Aired 28. May 2005

New Development on the Former Fort Ord: Green Building and Sustainability

I'm Carrie Mann.

As the prices of oil and natural gas continue to rise, our focus turns to where we can cut these costs. Our past patterns of development in the US have cost us much. Not only new development on Fort Ord, but development anywhere is an opportunity to take what we know and to make it better, to make it sustainable for future generations.

Sustainability has to do with our lifestyle being sustainable with the resources we have. Having to get into your car to do most things, for example, is not sustainable. Green building has to do with how your home or office is built to serve resource efficiency and your health.

There are two events you can attend next week to learn more. One is AMBAG's annual Planning Forum. This year's topic is: Integrated Design for High Performance Buildings in a Sustainable Community: Lessons Learned and Next Steps for the Monterey Bay Area. This takes place: Wednesday, June 1st. It starts at 1pm.

Then at 6pm the US Green Building Council's Monterey Bay Committee will have their monthly evening session. Next week's topic will be on Green Building aspects of the East Garrison Project on the former Fort Ord. Both these events take place at the Moss Landing Marine Labs.

To learn more, visit the Sustainable Base Reuse Institute website at

For KAZU, I'm Carrie Mann.






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