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To create an educational internship program in which the intern learns, gains professional experience and builds a portfolio of work while at the same time furthering the SBRI Mission.


At the beginning of each semester, each student meets with his/her supervisor to draw up a Contract of Work. In this contract, the duties or specific project and steps to complete the project are spelled out, leading to an end product to be completed by the end of the semester.

By the end of each semester, each student will have completed:

I. A 'Deliverable' - one product or more which goes into his/her portfolio as well as the SBRI Students' Work Portfolio. Examples of work might be a survey of sustainable practices on Ft. Ord or research and a presentation which is used in a professional education session.

II. A Written Evaluation - filled out by two supervisors and the student. The evaluation covers how well the Contract of Work was followed as well as performance, areas of strength and areas to work on, desired future projects, the student's feedback on what he/she learned and what worked and didn't for him/her in the internship. The supervisors and intern meet to discuss the evaluation and if the intern is returning, to lay out a plan for next semester's work.









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