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Monterey Bay Regional
Sustainability Resource Center and Services

Long-Term Goal - The Big Picture: To establish a "Sustainability Resource Center" in the Monterey Bay Region that will benefit local builders, architects, planners, policy makers, non-profit and other professionals, college students, kids and the general public. The Center (which could consist of more that one physical site) would be a hub for all green and sustainability-oriented companies and organizations in the Monterey Bay Region to come together, create collaborative projects, join forces for fund raising, and explore ways to strengthen green building and sustainability in the region. It would also be a 'one-stop-shop' for professionals and the public to find the resources and services they need.

The Center will include:
" Rentable co-op office space for 'green' organizations and businesses (with fax, phone, internet and other services shared),
" Samples and displays of green building materials and green technology,
" A meeting/conference space that could also be used for professional workshops,
" An in-house library,
" A virtual library - a website of information and other resources,
" An educational component - the building on display: The Center building itself would incorporate high performance/green design and green materials - (LEED Certified, perhaps). The interior would be composed of 'green' materials. Visitors to the center would be able to walk around the outside and inside of the building - on guided or self-guided tours - to see informational displays telling about the design or material features of the building for the purpose of education. This might also attract tourists to the Center.

The Center will be a resource for local students, professionals and the public. The uses for the Center's materials and professional expertise will range from academic study to professional development, to resources for local residents to learn about green organizations in the area and for homeowners to improve their own homes.

Goal: Bring appropriate Build It Green resources/services to our region and assemble an advisory body to guide this process.

Purpose: To develop the market for green building by offering resources (such as possibly technical assistance, information, and training) while connecting consumers and professionals with all sectors of the green building industry, and to take the first step toward establishing a physical Sustainability Resource Center.

Step 1 (Done):
Convene diverse group of professionals from the region. Bring Brian Gitt, the Executive Director of Build It Green to first two meetings. Present and select services they have that may be useful to our region:
"Ask an Expert", an on-line or telephone information service
Green Materials Database, an extensive listing of green products, materials, and technologies available in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area.

Step 2 (Done):

Create criteria for Advisory Body membership.

Step 3 (In process):
Select Advisory Body to be the core group to drive the process from the First Phase to the Long-Term goal.

Additional Possibilities:
" Invite representatives from communities between the southern boundary of Monterey County and Santa Barbara to join our process and explore the possibility of bringing services and resources to their regions.






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