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From The Hidden Connections, Fritjof Capra. Preface, p. xix. 2002:

"My extension of the systems approach to the social domain explicityly includes the material world. This is unusual, because traditionally social scientists have not been very interested in the world of matter. Our academic disciplines have been organized in such a way that the natural sciences deal with material structures while the scocial sciences deal with social structures, which are understood to be, essentially, rules of behavior. In the future, this strict division will no longer be possible, because the key challenge of this new centruy - for social scientists, natural scientists and everyone else - will be to build ecologically sustainable communities, designed in such a way that their technologies and social institutions - their material and social sturctures - do not interfere with nature's inherent ability to sustain life."

"The design principles of our future social institutions must be consistent with the principles of organization that nature has evolved to sustain the web of life. A unified conceptural framework for the understanding of material and social structures will be essential for this task..."

Berkeley, August 2002
Fritjof Capra

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