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A research and educational organization for the study of sustainable reuse of former military sites

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Preface: TBD

Introduction: Steven Endsley & Carrie Mann (course methodology, description)

I.              What is sustainable base reuse? Steven Endsley & Carrie Mann. (Issues, themes)

II.            Introduction to case studies. (BICC)

III.          US Fort Ord. Stan Cook & Steven Endsley. (Deconstruction, economic development)

IV.         US Fort Ord. Thomas Sands (Environmental Issues)

V.           US Fort Ord. Joe Cavanaugh. (Education)

VI.         US SF Presidio. Steven Lum.

VII.       Germany. BICC

VIII.     South Africa. (TBD)

IX.         Okinawa. Izumi Wakugawa.

X.           Philippines. Thomas Sands.

XI.         Russian Federation and Kola Peninsula. Ketil Horn.

XII.       Best Practices for Military Base Redevelopment in Developing Countries. Keith Cunningham.

XIII.     Cuba and Directions for Future Sustainability Research. Marta Montoro et al.

XIV.     Lessons Learned and Best Practices. Steven Endsley & Carrie Mann.


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